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Optimising energy and preserving resources

A series of initiatives have been taken to diminish our impact on the planet including, but not limited to, smart meters, solar panels, more efficient HVAC systems and LED lighting, as well as improved waste and water management.

Quick fact

The advantages of LED? Better quality lighting, minimum 50% energy saving, reduced GHG emissions, savings on maintenance, potentially five to seven times longer life.

Solar power

While our solar power capacity by the end of 2020 is 9 MW, our goal is to reach an output of 91 MW by 2025. To this end, we have started installing solar pv installations on our existing assets and are committed to adding solar panels to all new developments in the future.

Highly efficient heating and cooling systems

To operate sustainably, we raise the efficiency of our installed equipment, particularly when it comes to heating and cooling. We are therefore upgrading our HVAC equipment to the most energy efficient on the market.

Energy-efficient lighting

While LED lighting has been standard since 2018, we are planning to upgrade existing buildings. Our goal is to equip all our properties with LED by 2023, including adding dimmers, automatic motion sensors, all-off switches etc. to improve efficiency and further reduce carbon emissions.

Harvesting nature

With operations in Europe, APAC and the Americas, Goodman has extensive experience in the design and construction of buildings in different climates and with different orientations. This has led to a better understanding as to how we can save energy and resources by optimising solar gain, through openings, shading and natural ventilation. 

Fabric-first design

We take a ‘fabric-first’ approach to building design by minimising energy demand through building orientation, and maximising the performance of the components and materials that make up the building itself. In addition, our highly insulated buildings offer air tightness far in excess of standard building regulations.

Quick fact

Renewable energy produced by our rooftop photovoltaic installations is projected to reach a capacity of 91 MW by 2025. This energy output will be enough to power the operational energy needs of our customers.

Goodman Energy Tracker

Many of our properties are now equipped with smart meters to enable our customers to proactively measure and optimise their energy consumption. The Goodman Energy Tracker meter monitors electricity, gas and water usage. This usage visibility encourages behavioural change, and lets customers manage their environmental reporting and costs in a more efficient way.

EV charging stations

With electric cars and bikes becoming more and more popular, Goodman properties are being equipped with a growing number of electric charging stations. 

Quick fact

Goodman is committed to diverting at least 60% of waste (by weight) away from landfill when developing new constructions.

Improved waste management

We are committed to diverting at least 60% of waste (by weight) away from landfill in new constructions and 70% when demolition is required. Our goal is both to reuse and recycle this waste, and upcycle it when possible. By 2022, we will have finalised a comprehensive waste management strategy that also covers the end life of buildings.


Saving water

As part of our commitment to save natural resources, we want to reduce our water consumption. This includes the reuse of collected rainwater at our premises, as well as the installation of natural drainage systems in the parking areas.

Sustainability assessment with BREEAM or DGNB

BREEAM (or DGNB in Germany) is an internationally recognised assessment method for rating and certifying a building’s level of sustainability. It certifies standards of performance in important aspects of a building’s design and construction including materials, energy use, transport, waste and land use, as well as ecology. Goodman is committed to achieving a BREEAM rating of Very Good or equivalent for all our new developments from 2020.


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