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Health and well-being of employees

As Goodman wants to provide a healthy and positive environment for our customers’ employees, we are always finding new ways of raising health and well-being standards.

Quick fact

The presence of plants lowers workplace stress and enhances staff productivity.
Source: Dr. Roger S. Ulrich of Texas A&M University, Helen Russell, Surrey University, England, Dr. Virginia Lohr of Washington State University

Keeping morale and productivity high

To help our customers attract the right people and encourage them to be as productive as possible, we prioritise good health and well-being at work. All our developments include at a minimum standard features such as 4% natural light, solar glare control, acoustic walls, covered bicycle parking and outdoor social areas for breaks. Some of our logistics sites already feature running tracks, outdoor fitness facilities and cafes.

Healthy working environment

Poor air quality often triggers eye, nose and throat irritations leading to discomfort and sickness. By providing effective ventilation in our buildings, we make sure our spaces are both enjoyable and safe for our customers.


Quick fact

Goodman provides at least one EV bicycle charging point for every 10 employees. 

Green environment

Our approach to improving the work environment of our customers’ employees includes promoting biodiversity and preserving natural habitats in the region around a site. On top of high quality landscaping, we invest in initiatives such as woodland planting, preservation of local ponds and wetlands, and the installation of bird and bat boxes to support habitat creation and increased opportunities for local wildlife.


The right lighting

The right energy-efficient lighting improves the well-being, safety and productivity of employees. It also leads to lower operational costs and emissions for our customers.


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