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Goodman Avion logistics centre, first development to be carbon neutral in France

Our goal is always to develop 100% brownfield land, but when this is not possible we invest in projects that protect the biodiversity and reinforce ecosystems within the local region. As Avion logistics centre, near Lens, is a green field site, Goodman made a donation to improve biodiversity. We will also compensate its CO₂ emissions by planting one tree per developed square metre.

Ecology investments at the site and in the region

With Goodman’s contribution, 9,000 trees will be planted in the Pas-de-Calais region end of 2020 and early 2021, in the Guînes State Forest to offset the CO₂ emissions emitted during the construction of the new site. The 9,000 seedlings (about 6 ha) are a mix of sessile oak (60%), beech, cherry, small leaf lime and the plants will be spread over two parcels. There are also plans for the natural requalification of ponds in Normandy. 

  • 9,000 trees planted in the Pas-de-Calais region
  • Project for the natural requalification of ponds in Normandy
  • Respect of the biodiversity in the area
  • 25 % of the plot will be green spaces (16,000 sqm)

Investments in the biodiversity

Nature is being encouraged to thrive at the Lens Logistics Centre. Bird and bat nests have been installed on the facades, and there are insect hotels. 100% of the rain water is being recovered and reused, and the bicycle shed has a green roof. 

  • Bird and bat houses
  • Insect hotel
  • Total infiltration of rainwater
  • Rainwater collection tank 
  • Green-roofed bicycle shed 

Quick fact

Avion Logistics Centre has many other sustainable features:

  • BREEAM Very Good
  • Bâtiment RT2012
  • Solar PV ready (future upgrade is planned))
  • 8 EV charging stations
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