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Brebières Logistics Centre, the third life of an industrial site since 1919

Located in the Hauts-de-France region, the industrial site in Brebières is more than a century old. The sugar refinery Béguin started there in 1919, and 7 years later, a cardboard factory was added.

The two businesses ran in parallel. Led by a son from the Béghin family, the cardboard factory grew and for many decades was at the forefront of innovation. In the 1980s, the cardboard factory became a paper mill and was renamed Stora Enso in 1998. This was where Light Weight Coated paper was produced until 2006, using one of the most high-performance machines in the world.

Establishing the land in the new environment

The project required both the demolition of existing buildings and equipment, and the sanitization of land around the site. Roughly 18 hectares of land have been rehabilitated. The scope included the excavation of 115,000 cubic metres.

Now partly surrounded by inhabitants, the site has a 7 metres high and 400 metres long protective hill around the property to minimise any visual or noise pollution. This was specially designed and built for better landscaping.

  • 18 hectares of rehabilitated land
  • 115,000 cubic metres of land fill
  • 7 metres high and 400 meters long merlon to protect neighbourhoods

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Quick fact

After the completion of the project, the site may enable the creation of up to 350 new employments.

Recycling of site materials

The old paper factory was entirely dismantled and materials were recycled where possible. This included the steel from old machinery being returned to a local foundry, the concrete of the buildings being crushed and offered to be used for new constructions.

New economical dynamic

The new 69,000 sqm logistics centre will bring back an economical dynamic to the area following the dismantling of the paper mill operations almost 10 years ago.

After completion, the site might enable the creation of up to 350 new jobs.

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